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We are PhD level dietitians and nutritionists specializing in scientifically based methods to help clients eat right to maintain health since 1985. We have specialized training in several areas.

Areas of specialty in nutrition counseling:


We develop customized meal plans for weight loss, diabetes, food allergy, celiac, high blood pressure, cancer, IBS just to name a few.

We offer metabolic testing using the MedGem indirect calorimeter. It determines how many calories you burn while resting. This information is used to develop your customized weight loss plan. It is the same device used on the Biggest Loser show. Clients with a nutrition plan based on the MedGem device lose nearly twice as much weight compared to traditional methods.

Nutrition and Wellness Counseling

Our Ph.D. level dieticians and nutritionists are ready to work with you to provide you with complete food and nutrition services. We work by promoting overall health and well-being for all our clients. We provide a customized experienced based on each individual client’s needs and goals to ensure sustainable results.

Because we specialize in scientifically based methods, we are able to help our clients eat right and maintain their health long term.

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ServSafe and OSHA Training

We provide ServSafe and OSHA training to provide your restaurant  employees. We have a 93% first time pass rate for the ServSafe exam.


ServSafe and OSHA training can increase your bottom line as a restaurant or a food truck owner and decrease the risk of costly employee injuries and customer lawsuits.

The next ServSafe Class is Wednesday January 22, 2020 from 9-4. Test follows immediately. Same day certificates

Instructional Design

Our trained experts will design your course so you don’t have to.

Our interactive course design improves the effectiveness of health interventions.

Our courses incorporate evidence based health behavior theories so that your courses provide consistent lifestyle changes.


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Dietitians, Wellness & ServSafe, OSHA Training

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